A Beautiful Song

Fucking for virginity

Kristen Cruise
15 August 1982
Born a California Girl, Raised a California Girl. Not a "California Girl". If you wanna stereotype me, fine. If you wanna find out what I'm about, even better. If you care to know me, great!

Too add a little to this, I thought I'd throw in a brief overview of me:

- I was born in Burbank, CA and moved to Lakewood a few years ago.
- I now live in Montreal, Alberta, Canada where I work for Doghouse Digital.
- I'm in a very committed relationship with my first ever long term girlfriend.
- Yes, I am bisexual.
- I love surfing! I've always loved the water.
- I'm also a budding porn star. I've filmed half a dozen scenes or so and plan many more in the future.
- I wish I was more of a music snob, but as much as I try, there's always too much to know.
- I'll totally kick your butt. LOL!